(Video) What does it take to lead creative teams?

Posted by Elise Mitchell on June 29, 2017

Cannes 2017 (Part 3 of a 4-part series from Elise highlighting takeaways from this year’s festival.)

For those of us who have the privilege of leading creative people, we understand there is an art to helping others bring their best forward. It’s not easy coming up with that one game-changing idea, but that’s what we all want – that’s what our clients want, too.

So what does it take to lead creative teams?  Equal parts leadership and understanding how the creative process works. 

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Last week at Cannes, I had the opportunity to talk with Claire Bridges, the founder and Chief Spark of Now Go Create, a creative consultancy based in the UK.  Claire’s new book “In Your Creative Element” is an excellent read on the topic, and my favorite chapter is her discussion of the essential elements of creative leadership.

In our interview, we touch on several topics and plenty of practical advice on how to be the best leader you can be with an emphasis on how to foster a culture where creativity thrives.  A few highlights you’ll find in our interview:

  • Role of trust in encouraging smart risk-taking
  • Coming up with your best ideas (hint – it doesn’t happen sitting at your desk)
  • What is incubation and how it helps ideas to flourish
  • How to foster productive debate to encourage diverse ideas (and not all-out war)
  • Creating a “culture of try”
  • Allowing failure that produces invaluable learning
  • Three criteria for deciding which ideas to invest in and where to place your innovation bets
  • One of the essential ingredients for creative leadership – a must-have quality
  • “The best creative directors are able to be…”
  • How collaboration brings ideas to life


I hope you’ll take a minute to watch.




In addition to my conversation with Claire, I had the pleasure of interviewing several global industry leaders at Cannes. Click on any of the videos below to view them:

  • Evolution of measurement in PR and what’s new (Richard Bagnall, CEO, Prime Research UK)
  • State of the industry (Renee Wilson, president of the PR Council, US)
  • Diversity (Lauren Wesley Wilson, founder of ColorComm Network and a Glass Lions juror, US)
  • Trends in India (Nitin Mantri, founder and business partner of Avian Media, Dehli)
  • Growing PR opportunities in the UK (Paddy Herridge, managing director, MWW/UK)
  • Independent PR firms and the future of PR (Julian Bolding, founder The Network One, UK)
  • Qualities of successful agency entrepreneurs (Rachel Bell, founder and chairman, Shine at The Academy, UK)Elise at Cannes_2017.jpg

Cannes 2017 (Part 3 of a 4-part series from Elise highlighting takeaways from this year’s festival.) 




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