Twenty Years In: Always Real. Always Mitchell.

Posted by Elise Mitchell and Sarah Clark on November 18, 2015


Our agency was born where many an idea first takes shape. A lone wolf entrepreneur sitting at her kitchen table late at night, hungry to build a different kind of communications agency. That was 20 years ago, and today we proudly celebrate all that has changed at Mitchell Communications Group, and some very important things that haven’t.

Over the years, the kitchen table has expanded to offices in Fayetteville, New York and Chicago, and today we’re also part of the fastest-growing global marketing communications network. We diversified our business and made strategic hires to build a team of generalists and specialists that deliver integrated services. We honed in on what we do best: consumer marketing, hyper-local activation and brand reputation and amped up our expertise in research and insights, creative, content, digital and social, and training.

Even as we continued to grow our portfolio of clients – Walmart, Sam’s Club, P&G, Kraft, Hilton Worldwide, Merck, and others – we believed that being specialists in everything isn’t the best way to serve our clients. That’s why we became the flagship public relations agency for Dentsu Aegis, a new global network of PR, media, digital and creative services. We saw the promise of a model that drives innovation by connecting agencies into a larger organization designed for collaboration. And, as we work to grow the PR capabilities and reach of the network, we’re seeing the benefits. Our long-time clients and our new ones have made us one of the fastest-growing agencies in the world.

In all of this change, here’s what we love the most. We did it by being ourselves, by staying grounded in what matters to our clients and the people they serve. We never believed in spin – we’ve always wanted to inform, engage, and inspire. The solutions we offer and the stories we tell have always been based on connecting with real people wherever they are – in big cities and small towns, and at a deeply local and personal level.


Real matters more than ever

Call it convergence, integration or blurred lines – there’s a revolution happening and it’s client-driven. The days of one-way interruptive communications pushed top down by brands – gone. The idea of a 30-second spot or one-off promotion standing up on its own – gone.

Truth is that clients don’t care where ideas come from. They just want ones that work. They want teams that can navigate the growing fragmentation of audiences and channels, and deliver relevant content. In the age of convergence, where physical and digital spaces are becoming one, where content can come from everywhere and everyone, it’s not just about grabbing attention. It’s about holding it with ideas that stick.

Trends come and go. Technology will always evolve. And how people connect with each other will never stop changing. But if we’re being real in every small and big thing we do, it doesn't matter how much changes, because real is always relevant.

Reintroducing Mitchell

Welcome to the age of real, and it’s our time. We’re telling our story with a new clarity and a new look. In a noisy landscape where volume and hype all too often trumps meaning, we stand for real people, real connections, real impact. This is the essence of who we are. And you’ll see this story reflected in our new website, name and logo.

  • Communications, PR, advertising and marketing are no longer separate, and we have broadened our capabilities and expertise for the converging landscape. PR and communications are still at the heart of what we do, but how we deliver for our clients has profoundly changed. Moving forward, we’ll simply be known as Mitchell.
  • Our new logo still features the yellow circle, reflecting the trust we earn and inspire everyday, while the agile M speaks to our energy and openness to new spaces.
  • To dive deeper into our story and meet the people that keep Mitchell real, check out our refreshed website.

We’ve come a long way from the kitchen table, and it’s expanded in amazing and unexpected ways. The loyalty of our clients and the support of our families at work and home have made it possible, and we want to thank every single person who has made us who we are today. 20 years later, we’re still hungry for what’s next. We will never stop changing, and we will always be ourselves. Always Real. Always Mitchell.