Mitchell Gives PR Students Their Big Break

Posted by TravisBowman on March 19, 2015

Big Break

In less than five days, four interns made one impressive impact on Mitchell Communications Group. It was all part of Big Break, Discovering Diverse Talent, which is our annual internship program. This year marks the fifth occasion of the program, and once again, we had a group of talented students step up to the challenge for this week-long immersion in public relations.

Big Break was designed as a way for Mitchell to help advance the profession of public relations, as well as recruit diverse talent for the agency and industry. It has become a valuable program that we're proud to offer students each year.

We were honored to have the following students participate as the Class of 2015, and we'd like to share a few of their experiences from the week:

Caroline Crosthwait, University of ArkansasCaroline Crosthwait

When you think internship, you probably don’t picture anything like what Mitchell Communications Group offers with their Big Break Internship - and that’s a good thing. I wasn’t out getting coffee, running people’s errands or even working on some throw away project. The Big Break Internship is unlike anything I’ve ever done before; it’s a weeklong crash course in public relations and communications. The week is filled with insights from all kinds of PR professionals – veterans and newbies, creatives and client services professionals. From learning how to write a full communication plan to gaining insights from CEO Elise Mitchell, you’ll learn everything you need to know to be confident working in PR.

I’m so thankful for the experience Mitchell Communications provided in selecting me for the Big Break internship. If you’re thinking about applying I’d highly encourage you to – it's knowledge you don’t want to miss. Whether you’re planning to work in PR, communications, media relations or marketing, I know the confidence and expertise this program has provided me will follow and aid me throughout my career. I’m sure it will greatly benefit you, too.

Margo HerreraMargo Herrera, Abilene Christian University

Big Break 2015 was the perfect opportunity to open my eyes to a career in a PR agency. If I could describe each day during Big Break, I would have to say it was like a fun PR boot camp. I know, weird that the words fun and boot camp could be used in the same sentence, but with this internship, it fit! Each employee at MCG is extremely passionate about the work they do and really took time to invest in us. By the second day, the majority of the employees knew our names and the goals we wanted to accomplish.

We had the opportunity to hear from a vast amount of leaders in the office and receive valuable guidance and information on what it means to be in the world of public relations. I mean, what more could a soon-to-be advertising/PR graduate want before stepping out into the real world?!

Even though I was just there for a week, it was evident each person at Mitchell wanted me to succeed and offered everything they could to help me. The Big Break internship really is a special, one-of-a-kind experience.

Gracie LundstrumGracie Lundstrum, Ouachita Baptist University

The anxious countdown for college seniors has begun. It is an exciting but terrifying time in anyone’s life. You begin to think, “Wait, did I pick the right major? Will I actually like working in this field?” Thankfully, through the Big Break opportunity, those fears were put to rest.

Throughout our four days, we heard close to 30 speakers from various parts of the company. Each speaker was honest and encouraging about agency life. Not only did they discuss the sometimes long hours, but also how incredibly rewarding it can be. These speakers were different than your average seminar or lecturer. They were passionate, driven, engaging and truly desired for us to learn. Not only did they ask for our opinions, but they valued them and encouraged us to voice those opinions. These individuals make Mitchell great. They make the culture that is Mitchell, and that culture is impressively contagious.

Although my time in the Big Break was short, it ignited me with the energy to finish my senior year. I now have the confidence I am going in the right direction and that my education has prepared me. Big Break has equipped me with valuable experience that is will serve me following graduation.

Kristin ParkmanKristin Parkman, University of Arkansas

My experience with Mitchell Communications Group is one I will take with me in the years after I graduate and enter the workforce. With communications being such a large field of study, it has been difficult for me to really narrow down what I want for my future career. Before my Big Break experience, I did not understand all the aspects that go into a public relations agency.

This experience has opened my eyes to what the people who work for Mitchell do on a daily basis, as well as how many different aspects go into those jobs. I learned something new with every person we spoke to. I never imagined I could learn so much in just four days. I could really feel the genuine excitement and pride people felt in working for Mitchell. That is probably what stood out the most to me.

The culture of Mitchell is something that was mentioned often. I can understand why, because it seemed to radiate through every person. The agency's culture is a great part of their success with clients, but I can tell it makes for an amazing work environment. We were greeted warmly by everyone and instantly made to feel comfortable. People kept telling us to ask questions and really encouraged us to take advantage of every opportunity we have while we’re here. The unique culture is really made up by Mitchell’s employees and it is one I will look for in my future job search.

Post Big Break

All of us at Mitchell enjoyed getting to know this year's Big Break class of interns. They're a bright group of students that make us excited for the future of our industry. We thank them for joining the Mitchell family this week, and we wish them the best in their careers.

If you or anyone you know are going to be a senior next year, majoring in a PR-related field, we would love to have you consider Mitchell for your Big Break. Contact for details.


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