To See More Women in Leadership Roles, Here's What Needs to Happen

Posted by Sarah Clark on May 10, 2019

This originally appeared in Entrepreneur on May 9, 2019.

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These 4 Female Luminaries Teach Women in PR to Make Their Own Waves

Posted by Sarah Clark on April 18, 2019

This originally appeared in Mogul on March 28, 2019.

With all the talk about the gender gap in business, it may come as no surprise that fewer women are filling leadership positions in the public relations industry than men. Despite the fact that women represent two-thirds of the PR industry worldwide, men occupy nearly 80 percent of CEO positions and more than 60 percent of boardroom seats.

These kinds of numbers are discouraging, but we can’t give up now. Closing the gender gap is only possible if we reflect, work hard, and keep speaking up.

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Topics: Leadership, women in leadership