Unboxing The Trends: Shopping By Subscription

Posted by Anna VanHorn on July 19, 2016

Subscription boxes are a relatively new retail trend where specially curated collections of niche items are sent directly to your doorstep. They’re a way to let consumers try new products, while giving brands a valuable introduction to potential new customers. No matter what you’re into, there’s probably a subscription box out there for you. Beauty junkie? Check. Foodie? Check. Gamer? Check. Pet owner? Check. Music love? Check. Fashionista? Check, check, check…

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Brand Storytelling: Then and Now

Posted by Sarah Clark on September 1, 2015

Effective advertising has always been dependent on connecting with potential consumers. While many brands offer products and services that are quite similar to those their competitors offer, it’s the story behind them that keeps them in the minds of the public. A compelling story has the power and emotion to start the conversation around a brand and fuel enough curiosity to get people to choose it over another — even if it’s sometimes more expensive.

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4 Trends That Harness the Power of the Individual

Posted by Elise Mitchell on June 30, 2015

The age of “my brand, my way” is here.

Consumers want to be known individually, and they no longer accept blanket statements. People are distinct in their preferences and their values. They identify with their uniqueness and expect the brands they care about to notice it, too.

Successful brands will not only take notice, but also discover ways to speak creatively and strategically to the individual — rather than simply categorize individuals as part of a group.

Here are four trends that harness the power of the individual to create greater engagement between consumers and brands.

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What Riding a Motorcycle Taught Me About Change Management

Posted by Elise Mitchell on June 17, 2015

Through the uncertainty of running a business, one constant remains: You can count on things to change. So why is overcoming change so hard?

By embracing change, you’re inviting the unfamiliar — or the unknown — into your world. And no one likes to be caught off guard, especially business leaders.

In fact, leading an enterprise through a decade of change has been one of the most trying tasks I’ve encountered as a business leader. Surprisingly, riding a motorcycle has taught me about the destination and the journey — both on the road and in the business world.

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Mitchell Launches Young Filmmakers Short Pitch Competition at the Bentonville Film Festival, May 5-9, 2015

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on April 25, 2015

Mitchell Communications Group (Mitchell), a proud sponsor of the first-ever Bentonville Film Festival (BFF), is looking for imaginative young filmmakers 21 and under to pitch a short film concept at the Mitchell booth during the festival. Entrants will have 30 seconds to deliver a creative pitch for producing a film over the next 12 months.

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Hispanicize 2015: Authenticity and relevancy for the Hispanic consumer

Posted by MaggieAguirre on March 26, 2015

According to a recent Nielsen report, the Hispanic population (52 million) continues to be the fastest growing in the U.S., with an impressive buying power of $1.2 trillion. That statistic drew us to Miami earlier this month for Hispanicize, the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in journalism, blogging, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship.

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Marketing to Women: The Rise of Fempowerment

Posted by John Gilboy on March 4, 2015

It takes each of us to foster a culture where all voices are heard and differences embraced. It takes each of us to – as this year's official International Women's Day theme communicates – Make It Happen.

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Revolt Music Conference: Getting real in the music industry

Posted by Sarah Larsen on October 24, 2014

From dramatic technology developments, to the social media revolution, to streaming music and beyond – each generation is seeing a vast shift in how it discovers , appreciates and is inspired by music.

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Gen Y: The rise of cultural diplomats

Posted by John Gilboy on October 22, 2014

Uncovering Gen Y trends and influence is a hot button concern for many brand communication stewards (thanks Captain Obvious). On a serious note, we get it. Harnessing touch points for the digital native generation is a mandatory to drive engagement and build brand equity.

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Ingredients that contributed to Woodstock “going viral” in 1969 still apply to stellar marketing campaigns today

Posted by JeffMores on August 16, 2014


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