How to Own the Influencer Marketing Landscape in 2018

Posted by Sarah Clark on February 22, 2018


Branding rules are in a constant state of flux. Just when you think you’ve pinpointed what’s going to work, someone changes the playbook.


This is particularly true with influencer marketing. The public has become accustomed to the idea of looking for purchasing suggestions from bloggers, vloggers, writers, and other popular advocates. What was once considered to be the "Wild West" to marketers has now become far more regulated.

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Why eSports Is a Gold Mine of Marketing Opportunity

Posted by John Gilboy on November 14, 2017

From health nuts to cigar aficionados to concert junkies, marketers are always investigating new ways to reach customers where they're already at. It makes sense: When we love something, we're much more open to anything related to it — brand messaging included. Reaching and engaging consumers through their passion points offers brands a way to intersect in their lives in a meaningful way.

For marketers, competitive video gaming — also known as eSports — represents a huge opportunity to shift consumer perceptions and drive behavior changes. This passion point is on the rise in a major way, and marketers would be wise to sit up and listen.

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Unboxing The Trends: Shopping By Subscription

Posted by Anna VanHorn on July 19, 2016

Subscription boxes are a relatively new retail trend where specially curated collections of niche items are sent directly to your doorstep. They’re a way to let consumers try new products, while giving brands a valuable introduction to potential new customers. No matter what you’re into, there’s probably a subscription box out there for you. Beauty junkie? Check. Foodie? Check. Gamer? Check. Pet owner? Check. Music love? Check. Fashionista? Check, check, check…

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Brand Storytelling: Then and Now

Posted by Sarah Clark on September 1, 2015

Effective advertising has always been dependent on connecting with potential consumers. While many brands offer products and services that are quite similar to those their competitors offer, it’s the story behind them that keeps them in the minds of the public. A compelling story has the power and emotion to start the conversation around a brand and fuel enough curiosity to get people to choose it over another — even if it’s sometimes more expensive.

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