Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on September 27, 2018

Where are you right now as you read this blog post?

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Mastering Hyper-local Marketing Includes Using the Right Social Platform

Posted by Blake Woolsey on January 4, 2018

Companies have long relied on social media to connect with audiences, bring attention to their products, and build relationships with consumers. In fact, social media has become the driving force behind today’s personalized marketing strategies, and for good reason.

For instance, 53 percent of users on Facebook check for new posts several times a day. Out of Instagram’s 500 million users, 59 percent scroll through their feed at least once every day. Twitter has 328 million active users, many of whom rely on the platform as their main source for current events and access their accounts multiple times throughout the day.

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3 Big-Name Brands Winning at Hyper-Local Campaigns {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Posted by Kim Cooper on October 10, 2017

Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” clicked her ruby red heels in hopes of it. During baseball games, catchers protect this plate from scoring opponents. Home is not just an idea or place, but also an identity that people feel tied to.

By leveraging local connections and uncovering what’s important to a specific community, companies are discovering ways to build brand loyalty. One tool that helps achieve a super glue-strength bond with local consumers is hyper-local activation.

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The Keys to Hyper-local, Personal Conversations With Consumers

Posted by Sarah Clark on November 9, 2016

When Cadbury, an established confection industry giant, decided to dedicate half of Crunchie’s digital marketing budget to Snapchat in order to reach desired customers on their own turf, the message was clear: Personalized and hyperlocal marketing are here to stay.

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