These 3 Phrases Will Only Make Your Hospitality Crisis Communication Worse

Posted by SheaDavis on December 14, 2015

When New York City was in the thick of its bedbug crisis in 2010, I’ll admit I avoided the city at all costs. I tried to dodge business trips there and certainly didn’t plan any vacations to the Big Apple. Why would I want to willingly subject myself to a high risk of contracting itchy, annoying little mites that someone else left behind?

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Striking a Harmonious Balance Between Tech and Touch in the Hospitality Sector

Posted by SheaDavis on November 3, 2015

The hospitality industry has always depended upon good service. From the efficient way a staff member helps with luggage to a personal restaurant recommendation from the front desk to even the smile of the waiter when a family walks in, service can mean the difference between a simple stay and a holiday.

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