Are You Communicating or Just Talking?

Posted by Tracy Shea on June 4, 2015


Are you communicating or just talking?

Are you prepared?

This article will look at Content, Relevancy, Empowerment and Community. What questions should your brand be asking internally to succeed externally?

Do you assess — on a regular basis — the changing posture of key stakeholder/audience segments and how they should be engaged, based on insights such as geographic, demographic or community triggers?

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5 Reasons to Focus on Content Marketing

Posted by Elise Mitchell on May 26, 2015

In the last decade, the public relations industry has experienced an enormous amount of change. No longer do we rely on traditional media and mass outreach to carry the day. We now navigate a highly fragmented, always-on communication landscape to create real connections between businesses, brands and people.

Making and keeping those connections, however, can be a constant challenge in an ever-evolving environment. How can organizations break through in this hyper-connected world and build relationships in meaningful ways?

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Live Streaming is Not the Future. It is Now.

Posted by BrentSGambill on April 8, 2015

On a cloudy morning, 48 people are watching me walk on the beach from my mobile phone. Simultaneously, users from all over the world are asking me questions about marketing, baseball and social media. This was my first day on Twitter’s newest app, Periscope, which allows for mobile live streaming.

A similar app, Meerkat, was all the talk at this year’s SXSW. Attendees were sharing live events from workshops to concerts. On the way to Austin, our plane was delayed and my seatmate, R Ray Wang, pulled out his phone and we began sharing our experience on Meerkat. As we discussed the app and its capabilities, one thing became clear. Live streaming is not the future. It is now.

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Could the #AppleLive debacle happen to you?

Posted by Jessica Dove on September 10, 2014


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