Our Favorite Empowerment Campaigns – Tell Us Yours

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on September 21, 2016

Whether you call it #Femvertising or FEMpowerment or good ‘ole Girl Power – WE call it inspiration. At Mitchell we are huge fans of brands using their voices to celebrate women’s empowerment and gender equality – and these are a few campaigns we love. Add to the list with a comment, if we’ve left off your favorite.

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Topics: Creative, Culture, inspiration

Igniting a Difference

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on March 2, 2016

One of the most powerful ways to motivate a workforce is by enabling them to help others. At Mitchell, our “Ignite” program does just that by giving teams of employees money and time off to do random acts of kindness in our community.

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Not Living Up to Your Core Values? Customers Can Tell

Posted by Sarah Clark on February 24, 2016

When a recent study polled customers about what traits they wanted to see from big brands, honesty about products and services topped the list. People care about not only the products a company sells, but also what the company stands for. Customers want you to be authentic about what you have to offer.

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Topics: People, Culture, Authenticity