Top 10 Pies for Pi Day

Posted by Anna VanHorn on March 14, 2016

It's 3.14 -- Pi Day! To celebrate we've compiled a list of our Top 10 Favorite Pies. Enjoy!


  1. Humble Pie


Depending on your age and/or musical tastes, this English super-group from the late 60s may not have registered on you pie-radar. Trust me though, if you like rock and roll, check ‘em out. (Hint: Start with 30 Days in the Hole and I Don’t Need No Doctor.)  


  1. PewDiePie


This Swedish web-based comedian and producer is the number one YouTube channel with the most subscribers – like 42 million of them. He’s officially an Internet mega-superstar. No, his claim to fame isn’t pies, but video games. Basically he’s getting buckets of money to play and talk about gaming. Makes you want to dust off the ol’ Nintendo, right?


  1. Pinkie Pie


This adorable, energetic, sugar-rush of a pony has quite the life. She works as a live-in party planner at Sugarcube Corner and has a toothless, pet alligator named Gummy. As sweet as actual pie, Pinkie loves throwing parties for all her friends and always knows how to turn any frown upside down.


  1. Life of Pi


Life of Pi is a 2001 adventure novel adapted into an award-winning film in 2012. After a shipwreck, an Indian boy named Pi becomes stranded in a lifeboat for 227 days. And as if that wasn’t stressful enough, there’s a Bengal tiger aboard as well. You know what would’ve probably made their journey more bearable? Some pie.


  1. MoonPies


Two round graham cracker cookies with marshmallow filling, dipped in flavors like chocolate, banana and vanilla… Shut up and take my money. These are basically a southern snack staple. If you haven’t tried this sweet treat, stop what you’re doing and go get one right now. (Hint: Try it with an RC Cola for the full effect.)


  1. American Pie (the Movie)


Jokes starting with “this one time at band camp…” have finally started to be a thing of the past, but we’ll never forget this raunchy comedy from 1999. The pop culture phenomenon spawned 3 direct sequels and 4 spin-off movies. With lots of one-liners and a very iconic/inappropriate pie scene, the list wouldn’t be complete without it. 


  1. Pie Face!


You can thank this game for the dozens of videos in your Facebook feed of people getting smacked in the face with whipped cream. You spin to determine how many times you have to turn the crank and wait to see if you get splatted or spared. It’s like a safe, silly (and sticky) Russian Roulette.


  1. The “Chocolate” Pie from “The Help”


A real highlight from this amazing story is Minny’s “chocolate” pie. Hilly Holbrook asks her if she’s lost her mind and Minny replies, “No ma’am, but you about to.” Without spoiling anything for those who haven’t read the 2009 novel or seen the 2011 movie, I’ll just say the pie is special… and not the good kind of special.


  1. American Pie (The Song & Album)


“Bye, bye Miss American Pie.” Is it even possible to resist singing along to this iconic tune? Don McLean has never confirmed or denied the many interpretations of the song’s lyrics, but it’s widely believed that it’s about the Buddy Holly’s death. Downer… But it sure is catchy. “Drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry…”


  1. #PattiPie


Have you ever baked a pie so good that its praises were literally sung on a YouTube video viewed by millions of people? Patti LaBelle has. The #PattiPie launched in in November 2015 and created a literal pie frenzy. Walmart was selling one pie per second for 72 hours. Take a second to think about that – a pie a second – that’s 259,200 pies in three days.

These sweet potato pies are the pies to top all others and available at the Walmart Bakery. I’m not saying they’re better than your grandma’s, but I’m not saying that they’re not either…

Happy Pi Day! 

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