Free Webinar – Performance Evaluations: Doing It Right

Posted by Tommye Johnson on February 26, 2014

Free Webinar – Performance Evaluations: Doing It Right
Wed., March 12, 2014
10-11 a.m. (CDT)

mitchell-communications-group-headerDoes performance evaluation time stress you out, making a root canal or pit of snakes look appealing? It doesn’t have to be a dreaded occasion. When done right, giving and receiving performance-based feedback can be a great experience!

This session by Mitchell Communications Group will look at performance evaluations from multiple perspectives. What can we do, regardless of our role, to be sure we are most effective in our jobs?

  • The process: before, during and after

  • The power of language

  • Documentation makes the difference

  • Five steps for the evaluator

  • Five steps for the employee

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