SNAPSHOT: Trends to Check Out This Week

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on February 9, 2017


Are you looking for a quick dose of industry trends? 

Our Research and Insights Team has rounded up can't miss articles and hot trends you want to check out -- all in one handy snapshot.

"The formulation of a public relations strategy properly begins with listening, not talking." - Leonard Saffir

Stop. Read. Learn. Here are five things to think about:


1. Express Takes a Shot at Lifestyle Branding

Contemporary fast fashion retailer Express is weaving together aspects of a sophisticated lifestyle to cater to its audience of modern men through a whiskey club integration, gift cards, social posts and an email campaign. A wordy way to say, “bring on the whiskey.” Cheers!

-Mobile Commerce Daily, Express Caters to Contemporary Men with Whiskey Subscription


2. Kiss Still Rocks! (No, Not That One!) 

Keep it simple, superstar. Brands that embrace simplicity tend to rock the retail world with increased revenue, valuation, brand advocacy and employee engagement, according to Seigel+Gale.

-Media Post, Aldi, Lidl, Googel Tops in Simplicity Index


3. A New Paradise Found?

Four million: The number of visitors to this Caribbean island in 2016. Small by some standards, but a 13 percent increase from the year before. Guess which country accounts for the greatest increase of tourists visiting it? Hint: Only 100 miles of salt water separate the two at their closets points. Give up? Here’s your next destination.

-Travel+Leisure, Cuba Welcomed a Record Number of Tourists in 2016


4. Apple Pay Grows, yet Lags but Still Positive. Wait. What?

Data analysis from TXN found that the total number of monthly Apple Pay transactions grew by 50% year-over-year in their sample, although it still "accounts for a fairly small percent of all credit card transactions.” TXN CEO Johnathon Wolf sees a "success story" based on growth for Apple Pay in this data. "If you offer a payment option while shopping on your phone, it's a real thing," he said. Okay, that didn’t help, but maybe this will.  

-Business Insider, These are the stores where the most people use their iPhone to pay


5. Kale, No. Let Them Eat Cookies!

When you think of recent food trends maybe kale everything comes to mind or “farm-to-table”—whatever that really means. One “trend” that never goes out of fashion is comfort foods. In this case, it’s Oreo cookies. Recently, McDonald's Hong Kong rolled out an Oreo-only menu and you MUST take a look. Finger’s crossed that it makes it to the U.S. market.

-Fox News, McDonald's Hong Kong Rolls out Oreo-only Menu



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