SNAPSHOT: Trends to Check Out This Week

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on March 8, 2017


Are you looking for a quick dose of industry trends?

Our Research and Insights Team has rounded up can't miss articles and hot trends you want to check out -- all in one handy snapshot. 

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill 

Stop. Read. Learn. Here are six things to think about: 


1. Out of this World Insights: Astronaut Scott Kelly Gets Down to Earth

After nearly a year in space, a record for an American astronaut, retired Navy Capt. Scott Kelly was the keynote at NRF's BIG Show 2017. Find out some of the lessons he shared. 

-The Mission, Astronaut Scott Kelly gets down to earth


2. Too Much Millennial Focus: How Teens and Smartphones Are Killing Teen-Fashion Retailers

For years, it's been touted how much online shopping Millennials do, but it's the generation after them that's spending way more. But, that's just part of the issue. Find out what else is going on. 

-The Inquirer,, How teens and smartphones are killing teen-fashion retailers


3. Online, Athleisure Carry the Weight as Apparel Appeal Wanes 

Shifting consumer preference and retailers' own failure to excite with new, must-have fashion have led to many store sales declines and closings, but there are some bright spots on the apparel market. Read the rest. 

-eMarketer, Bright Spots in the Increasingly Less Sexy Apparel Sector 


4. Stuck Here in the Middle: Where Gen X Stands

Discussion of Gen X routinely harps on the fact that Xers are outnumbered by baby boomers and millennials. But at some 66 million people, this is not a small market. In fact, its size is the least of the challenges facing marketers who realize they cannot afford to leave Xers' money on the table. Get the whole story. 

-eMarket, Where US Gen X Stands: A Hard-Luck Cohort that Is Too Important to Neglect


5. Etsy, Patagonia, Warby Parker and now Stonyfield Organic: What Gives?

An online artisan marketplace, an outdoor performance apparel maker, optical trandsetter and an organic yogurt company: what do these have in common, other than O-word-led descriptors? Find out here. 

-New Hope Market, Stonyfield Organic achieves B Corp Certification 


6. A Million Ways to Attract a Mentor or Three Ways to Attract a Millionaire Mentor

That got your attention! Read on to find out. 

-Entrepreneur, 3 Ways to Attract a Millionaire Mentor 


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