What Is The Key To A Successful Event?

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on December 27, 2012

Research is the key to a successful event. Dig deep and capture important learnings to establish event details that will resonate within the community.

If your event is in Carthage, N.C., for example, take into consideration the town of 1,900 people was incorporated in 1776 and was the home of the Tyson Buggy Company. Be certain not to schedule your event on the same weekend as the annual Buggy Festival, unless you plan to enhance the celebration and tie into the 25-year-old tradition.

Successful events connect your product or service to a community, and genuinely reinforce the values of the targeted market. If your organization has an office in Huntington Beach, Calif., you might join with the U.S. Open for Surfing. You could acknowledge the 800,000 surfers and fans coming to your community and partner with them. Invite a surfer to come meet your employees or customers, offer a chance at beach access tickets or stock your shelves and promote great pricing on products that surf fans need.

Whether your event is planned for 10 or 10,000, research and capture the important facts about your audience and market and layer those learnings into your plans.

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