Sharing Scrapbooks Online And More With Shutterfly

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on July 11, 2013

I absolutely love Shutterfly. Thanks to this wonderful website, I will never again have to toil in vain with glue stick and paper scraps – and the results will be faster, better and cheaper than if I’d have made the scrapbook myself. Although I’m now in the habit of ordering a Shutterfly photo book after every vacation and have used the site numerous times, my recent discovery that this site has boasted social networking capabilities since 2008 came as a surprise.

Businesswoman talking on the phone offers what they call share sites, which are web pages you can customize and share with whomever you choose. The visibility of the sites can be set to public or by invitation only. Although they are geared toward families and children’s groups, they can be customized for just about anyone.

Features of the share sites include a shared calendar capable of sending e-mail notifications, task lists in which each task can be assigned to a specific person, sign-up sheets, a message board, text and comment capabilities, and – of course – you can share your photos and Shutterfly photo books, too.

Please note that the security of the information stored on share sites is in question. Although the main concern is for the safety of children’s personal information, hackers also pose a threat to the security of company information. As a reminder, it is best to avoid storing sensitive information on the internet when possible.

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