Review: 'Lean In'

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on June 11, 2013

By now, almost everyone has heard the phrase of the moment: “Lean In.” It’s the title of a book by Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer at Facebook. The phrase has taken on quite a life of its own recently and seems to be used to mean most anything.

In “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead,” Sandberg writes about women in the workforce, especially professional women, and what they can do to help themselves while also working to eliminate institutional barriers.

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She writes: “I know that by focusing on what women can change for themselves – pressing them to lean in – it seems like I am letting our institutions off the hook … Far from blaming the victim, I believe that female leaders are the key to the solution.”

“Lean In” is a candid look at the lives of professional women and the sacrifices they make in order to succeed. I thought it was a very balanced and thought-provoking book that raises worthwhile questions. “Lean In” offers valuable insights from a woman who seems to have thought deeply about the challenges we face and admits she doesn’t have all the answers yet.

I liked the book, and Sandberg comes across as a genuine and compassionate person. “Lean In” is a good introduction to her story and raises provocative issues for everyone.

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