Instagram isn't just a pretty face anymore

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on August 26, 2014

For anyone who may have thought Instagram was just a pretty face ... think again. The social media platform that changed the way people see photos and socialize them in the digital age is at it again. This morning, it launched its new app Hyperlapse to the masses. The company describes it as "a new app to capture high-quality lapse videos even while in motion.” Reports of the app are comparing it to “a $15,000 video setup," which sounds very appealing to up-and-coming filmmakers.

[vimeo id="104410054" width="600" height="350"]

But this is about more than appealing to filmmakers. With Hyperlapse, Instagram is putting a tool into the hands of the masses to let them do what was once only possible by videographers with expensive gear. And it makes a whole lot of sense. With social media, the layers between the media, brands, videographers, consumers and the general public have been peeled back. Everyone is a part of the storytelling process – the creative process – now. So Hyperlapse definitely has the adrenaline churning.

Why else does this stand out? Because it demonstrates Instagram is NOT a one-trick pony. In fact, this is the second app to be launched by Instagram this summer. At the end of July, it released “Bolt," a photo-messaging app, and direct rival to Snapchat and parent company Facebook’s “Slingshot." Instagram is definitely flexing its muscles and diversifying its capabilities. As a whole, video tends to receive better engagement from people rather than photos, so we’re excited to see how people can push this.

Well played Instagram. Well played.


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