If you could be anywhere this #TravelTuesday, where would it be?

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If plane tickets to every destination you’ve ever visited were falling from the sky and you could only grab one, which would it be? The members of our Travel & Tourism team work on behalf of domestic and international brands in the travel industry every day, so they know what the world has to offer. And these are the destinations where they’d most like to set foot again and why – just in case you’re assembling your own bucket list this #TravelTuesday.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin Paxton 1[3]














A few years ago, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Berlin for a summer. Hardly knowing anything about Berlin and still struggling with the language, I was very worried about how I would adapt to such a foreign environment and culture. Not only was I unfamiliar with Berlin and still learning the German language, I didn’t know anybody in my study abroad group – completely out of my comfort zone. Once I had a few days to adapt and began to explore Berlin and its people, I fell in love. To me, Berlin was the perfect balance of liberal free-spirits and professionals. Most importantly, I did not get the sense that there were judgments being placed. Everyone treated each other the same. The public transportation was convenient and easy to manage. In general, the people of Berlin were very pleasant and a compliment to the amazing heritage and energy that the city offered. I will certainly be back to Berlin as soon as possible and would at all surprised if I move there in the very near future. Ich liebe Deutschland!

Paxton Cooksey

Paxton Cooksey





Whistler, British Columbia
















Tucked between the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Whistler is a storybook town with rich history. I had the opportunity to travel there for business in January, and instantly fell in love with Whistler Village, which is located within walking distance from Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, world-class restaurants, boutiques and nightlife. Whistler is best known as one of the top winter vacation destinations – receiving more than 30 feet of snow a year and featuring 33 ski lifts. In 2010, this award-winning destination was the host mountain resort of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games. Although I did not have the opportunity to ski while I was in Whistler, I did have the opportunity the ride the famous PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola that spans more than 2.3 miles and really felt like a true tourist when we made a stop at the top of the mountain for hot chocolate. We could see the entire village from the peak, which was crawling with thousands of people enjoying the majestic mountains. The locals were incredible as well. Everyone we met during our time in Whistler was friendly and willing to help direct tourists to the best places in town. I’ll definitely be back soon to enjoy everything Whistler has to offer.

Kim CooperKimberley Cooper





Snowdonia, Wales












photo credit: Llyn Tegid. Y Bala - Crown Copyright (C) Visit Wales 2014

The mountainous landscape of Snowdonia is a hidden gem, and I personally wonder why they didn’t film LOTR here instead of New Zealand. This area, protected as a National Park of Wales, has the highest mountain in the country. When the weather allows, you can hike, bike, horse ride and not to mention a multitude of other outdoor activities throughout the national park, but be sure you pack your rain jacket, since Wales is one of the wettest countries in Europe. If the rain puts a damper on your wilderness excursions, there are always historical tours and sites to see.

shea davisShea Davis





Chicago, Illinois

















I love how easy the city is to navigate and how welcoming the atmosphere is, especially for such a big city. There’s always something to do; whether it’s a show at The Second City, a concert at the United Center, a visit to the Shedd Aquarium or just keeping an eye out for professional athletes (I’m still 90% sure I saw Tony Kukoc), you’ll never be bored. I was initially a little overwhelmed at the thought of navigating such a big city. After all, growing up, my idea of a big city was Branson, America’s home for Yakov, the Osmonds and the elderly. However, with a little research and some great travel tips for navigating a new city, my first visit to Chicago was one that I won’t soon forget, no matter how many times I go back.

Ben HartnessBen Hartness





Lake Tahoe, Nevada

cropped Lake Tahoe, CA


















Give me Lake Tahoe any day. I visited Lake Tahoe in May 2013 with my husband with the expectation of simply experiencing another part of the country. Through my childhood, summer vacation always equaled the beach, so I was certainly excited about the lake having a beach. We arrived to find that Lake Tahoe is even more beautiful than photos can convey. We were in awe at the fact that crystal blue waters and a beach could be surrounded by snowcapped mountains – so we took full advantage of it all. We hiked to the top of Eagle Falls to see Crystal Bay, parasailed over Lake Tahoe to see a different perspective of the geography, enjoyed the tranquility of the area by boat and drove through the mountains. The serene, gorgeous landscape of the area is something I hope to revisit soon!

Ann-Marie SatterfieldAnn-Marie Satterfield





Rome, Italy

cropped rome
















The Eternal City. The capital of Italy. A city rich in culture, museums, architecture and history. I spent about three (hot) days in Rome and it was not nearly enough to take it all in. We visited the must-sees: the Colosseum, the Vatican City and the Pantheon—all of which were unique and breathtaking in their own way, but we also took the time to wander the streets, get lost down alleys and find amazing local food and shops. Since we tossed coins into the Trevi Fountain, we are destined to return, and I know that we would have an endless list of must-sees and to-dos.

Gina SaulsburyGina Saulsbury





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