How Do I Promote My Brand?

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on February 19, 2013

Think of your brand as personality for your product of service. Then consider details for promoting your brand that match your desired personality.

Walk into any grocery store or market and study a product category, such as orange juice. Each carton, jug or box has a personality. You could envision what the company’s corporate offices look like, who works there, what you imagine their commercials and social messaging look like, who is their audience -- all from the personality of their packaging.

Now, turn that process around and consider how to build your brand to present the desired image. The promotional energy delivered by Minute Maid is not the same personality presented by Tang or Sunny D.


Connecting with your audience

Brand promotion should be consistent with your product and approachable by your audience. What carton of orange juice will your target consumers reach for to purchase when standing in front of the grocer’s fridge? The one that speaks to them and their orange juice needs.

All brand messaging should connect with the targeted audience and work to deposit positive points into a brand account. Brand promotions collect through audience exposures and accumulate over time to build a brand personality in the mind of current and potential audience members. The greater the points, the stronger the personality, the more likely a connection will be made with your target—and potentially more likely to recover from a misstep.

Be true to your brand and be the brand your audience wants to associate with by establishing a personality that resonates within their lifestyle and value system.

So are you a Tropicana or Sunny D?

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