How Can Pinterest Help Your Business?

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on April 11, 2013

Pinterest can be an integral part of an overall social media strategy to get to know and engage your customers, as well as potential customers.

How Can Pinterest Help Your Business 20130408

Pinterest is a social media site that is uniquely visual; its layout and process encourage "pinners" to discover, like and share (or “re-pin”) everything -- from refrigerators to recipes, home decor and haute couture, hairstyles to hangover cures. It's engrossing, engaging and addictive, and you can imagine that marketers are having a lot of fun with it.

You can use Pinterest to show how your product or services work, no matter what industry. For example: carpet cleaning services can show before and after pictures, and post tips on how to handle tough stains and odors; contractors may pin pictures of fancy wooden fencing available with new gates or outdoor deck designs; even educators have used Pinterest to promote their schools, teachers, classes and accomplishments.

There are many great ways for organizations and businesses to use Pinterest - there's even a Pinterest board for that.

While several businesses and brands immediately saw opportunity with Pinterest, the site only recently embraced business users with the Pinterest for Business option, introduced in November 2012. It includes new features specific to helping businesses use the site and includes a function to convert a personal Pinterest account to a business account so you don't have to re-pin everything.

Another fun collaborative feature, Group boards, lets you invite others to pin to one of your boards. This could be a way to provide some exclusive content to your best customers, or use it as a good listening tool for your customers’ wants and aspirations.

Pinterest’s visual medium and collaborative nature lends itself to social sharing and delightful discoveries. By using it in concert with your other social media efforts, you can increase your customers’ engagement as well as find out more about what they like, and position your business to meet those needs.

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