Delivering charismatic customer service is being able to consistently exceed expectations. Customers (and clients) seek exceptional service, but often what they are looking for is someone who is attentive; that person who offers undivided and caring attention focused solely on the customer.

What are the keys to being attentive?

  • Promptly acknowledge the customer and use their name
  • Make each touch point positive and memorable
  • Use courteous and prompt service in all areas
  • Remember key facts about customers and clients

But being attentive doesn’t begin with the customer’s arrival. It starts well before. It requires you to be a good conversationalist, so prepare some potential topics beforehand.

When they arrive, stop what you are doing and focus solely on them. Remove any distractions, be attuned to their needs, and be present.

Make your small talk meaningful, and spend more time listening than talking. Meaningful small talk makes people feel good about themselves and feel important, and it allows people to learn new and interesting things.

Your talk should be on subjects you have depth and breadth of knowledge, so do your homework. Focus on the customer, watch your body language, and listen intently with both your eyes and your ears. Ask questions.

Use some common sense. Avoid subjects that could be controversial such as religion and politics, and never gossip or talk down about other customers or co-workers. Avoid off-color jokes, or most jokes for that matter until you have a comfort zone with the customer. Don’t ask personal or intrusive questions.

A genuine focus on the customer and his/her needs is the key. Make them feel important, and avoid the “me-too” mentality.

What customer service experiences stand out in your mind? Do you remember the exceptional service or the poor efforts? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet them with the hashtag #mcgblog.

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