Do You Know Who You Changed Today?

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on June 20, 2013

A friend of mine is a receptionist in a very busy building, and she was telling me about a young lady who, before heading out to lunch, stopped at her desk and thanked her.


The young lady had been considering quitting her job; she had had it with her boss and had begun to dread coming into the office. The day she had steeled herself to turn in her resignation, as she walked into the building, she was struck by the friendliness and joyfulness of my friend, the receptionist, who was greeting people coming into work, helping vendors and newcomers find where they needed to be, scheduling meeting rooms, smiling and waving and talking like she usually does on busy mornings.

All that activity, made smoother and easier by the receptionist with a smile and a twinkle in her eye, caused the young woman to pause and reconsider her resignation. She decided instead to speak with her boss and talk about the problems she had been having with her work. That conversation led to resolutions, and the young lady became convinced that she was going to stay; she didn't need to quit.

When told this, my friend was somewhat dumbfounded upon realizing that, just by being her own smiling self, she not only changed the path of someone she didn't know, she had affected them positively and helped to resolve problems that she never knew about.

By throwing a pebble in a still pond, you can see the ripples of water moving outward from where the tiny stone dropped. In the same way, we affect all those around us, sending ripples of energy through all the people we interact with, every day. It's your choice to send positive or negative energy; the problem is, you don't always know who's receiving it, or what kind of difference you have a chance to make in their lives.

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