Do I Need Professional Actors For My Video Production?

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on December 18, 2012

The decision to hire professional talent versus non-actors for a video production can be a bit difficult without knowing the pros and cons of each option. Although it’s not necessary to hire a professional actor for a video, it may be incredibly beneficial depending on the subject, style and message of the project. Actors have the ability to convey a wider range of emotions, and many are able to engage viewers because of their training in delivery.

The script is one of the most important things to examine before making a decision on actors. The script determines how the finished video will look and feel, and there are several factors within a script or idea that may determine a need for professional talent.

Story vs. documentary

You first must decide if the video is story driven. Many videos are done in a documentary style that contains interviews and key information about the company. They are often more straightforward and factual. However, some videos are story-oriented, and the characters within are often involved in dramatic or comedic circumstances.

Actors are able to bring these scenarios to life in a believable manner. Furthermore, actors have training in memorizing large blocks of dialogue and delivering it organically. They understand how to appear natural on camera in a number of different scenarios, whereas non-actors can sometimes look uncomfortable. It is important to keep in mind that non-actors sometimes can do a great job, as they bring a “real-life” feeling to any video project.

Whether you plan to use a story-driven or documentary production style, choose on-screen talent that you feel has the greatest chance of conveying the key messages in an engaging, genuine manner.

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