Day 1: On the ground @ SXSW

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on March 7, 2014

SXSW – the music, film and interactive festival that propelled Twitter and Foursquare into social media prominence – has once again taken over Austin, Texas. Among the more than 30,000 techies from nearly 60 countries turning the Lone Star State’s capital city upside down March 7-11 are four team members from Mitchell Communications Group. They’ll be recapping their experiences, discoveries and ah-ha moments right here each day, as SXSW unveils the technology of tomorrow today.

* * *

My day started bright and early, 3 a.m. to be exact. It felt like any other normal work day as I got ready, but then it hit me – I’m going to one of the largest interactive, film and music festivals. Nerves definitely set in, especially when I remembered that I would be traveling by myself, with my co-workers taking a later flight. As I drove to the airport, I pondered these questions:

  • Is this place going to be insane?
  • What kind of crazy awesome stuff is in store?
  • Will I make new friends?
  • What types of people will be there?
  • Will I get lost?
  • When I do get lost -- because it’s bound to happen -- can I easily rebound?

So far I don’t have the answers to these questions, but it’s looking up.

– Ann Hecksher, digital and social media account coordinator

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