Big Break: Crossing the finish line

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on March 24, 2014

Each year, Mitchell Communications Group recruits college students from across the country to spend their spring break with us in Northwest Arkansas for an all-expense paid, mini internship known as Big Break. For one week, interns are immersed in a real-life agency setting where they receive extensive training, meet with clients, create a strategic communications plan and more. Last week was the big week – and our interns will be using this space to provide a glimpse into their journey:


My reflection on our big finale looks much like a horse race.

I woke that morning polished, suited and ready. Much like a horse gets locked in his chute, we get to the office and are locked up in the conference room. The nervous tension was high and, just like the horse, there's nothing I could do.

Our mentors at Mitchell blew the horn, opened the gate and we galloped at a steady pace to finish the details of our presentation. And just like the race track, after making the fourth turn, we sped up, buckled down, whipped ourselves into complete focus, finally crossing the finish line.

I wonder what's in the mind of a horse and his jockey when there's a big race to compete; and their reflection of what just happened when the race is finished.

KelliWatson_BigBreak2014I learned what agency work looks like down to the wire, with extremely high stakes, and an intense feeling of pressure when forced to work with tight deadlines.

It's kind of funny when I think about it. It all goes back to what Elise Mitchell tells you: "Look through the turn, and enjoy the ride."

The Big Break internship taught me great new things about myself, gave me insight into agency career life, and overall what the most important thing is when the going gets tough.

Kelli J. Watson, Arkansas State University