Big Break: Graduation lurks

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on March 20, 2014

Each year, Mitchell Communications Group recruits college students from across the country to spend their spring break with us in Northwest Arkansas for an all-expense paid, mini internship known as Big Break. For one week, interns are immersed in a real-life agency setting where they receive extensive training, meet with clients, create a strategic communications plan and more. This is the big week – and our interns will be using this space to provide a glimpse into their journey:


As I begin to reflect on day three at Mitchell Communications Group, particular questions stuck out and are still buzzing in my ears and lingering in my thoughts. “Figure out why you want what you want. What makes you excited? What do you like doing? Put your energy and goals into that.”

Those questions from Mitchell’s Gina Miller caught my attention during our lunchtime panel discussion on transitioning from college to career where all the interns where given an opportunity to learn from the “young breed” at Mitchell. I think I can safely speak for all of the Big Break interns that this was a moment we were all waiting for -- to hear the raw truth and honesty of how to adjust to a real world career.

I sat back, listened and took notes on all the interesting stories shared about how various team members made it to Mitchell. I began to think about my own career path and how this journey from college to career is quickly approaching with graduation less than two calendar flips away. How do you transition into the career lifestyle? What happens when you plan your career and it doesn’t fall into place like you expect? How do you deal with that?

PorchaTaylor_BigBreak2014I couldn’t have asked for a better panel of young budding Mitchell professionals to answer those questions. Along with the advice, key takeaways for me include:

  • There is a difference in class work and client work
  • No experience is bad experience
  • Create a strong identity for yourself and be patient about your future
  • Be hungry to participate and add value to a company
  • Be known for a reputation of doing a job well

This experience at Mitchell has positioned me to really dig deep -- deeper than I ever have -- and pull out what it truly means to me to be successful. Remember that a career path is not a ladder anymore, it’s a jungle gym. It’s about developing and diversifying oneself, and being ready to play in that jungle gym filled with endless opportunities.

Porcha Taylor, North Carolina A&T State University