5 things you need to know as a leader

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on October 13, 2014


It's one thing to "want" to become a leader, but it's quite another to physically step into those shoes and start to move what – at times – may seem like mountains. Are you truly visionary? You probably recognize that taking risks comes with the territory, but how much risk is too much? And what happens when the responsibility of building and mobilizing a team rests squarely on your shoulders?

To a certain degree, leaders learn from doing. Our CEO, Elise Mitchell, has worn those shoes for more than 20 years and continues to grow every day. But, in addition to committing to being a lifelong learner, she recently offered up these 5 things you need to know as a leader in a recent piece for the Public Relations Society of America. Again, nothing replaces real-life experience, but these tips come from a woman who's walked the walk. And each is intended to help you make the most of new opportunities.


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