Leading by Example

Posted by Meredith A on March 18, 2009

2008 MeredithThe world is full of leaders, historically mostly men, but according to the Center for Women’s Business, today more than 50 percent of the privately owned firms in the country are owned by women. Mitchell Communications Group is headed up by one of those dynamic and entrepreneurial women. This month Elise was named one of AY Magazine’s Most Powerful Women in Arkansas. Her accolades and accomplishments are a direct reflection of her exceptional leadership skills. Each day I watch Elise in action and take note of the expertise and attributes that are essential to any successful business leader.

  • Poise – No matter the problem, leaders must be poised and level-headed, ready to take action and make the necessary decisions to solve a problem.
  • Influence – Influential leaders’ opinions are valued and sought after. Their decision-making skills and intuitive ideas are honored throughout their business community.
  • Encouragement – Offering encouragement to employees and coworkers is essential; more encouragement equals harder workers, which in return produce better outcomes.
  • Strategic thinking – Successful leaders are creative and are continually thinking “outside the box.” Good leaders do not settle for generic but strive to be insightful.

Working for a great business leader like Elise inspires everyone at MCG to work hard and achieve outstanding results for our clients. I continually learn from the great leaders (women and men) around me and strive to put their best practices to work.

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