How to Create a Press Kit

Posted by Meredith A on March 12, 2013

Simply put, a press kit is a compilation of comprehensive information given to members of the media in order to better inform them about an event, story, product or service. Press kits come in many different forms and can be distributed at a variety of occasions.

How to Create a Press Kit 20130220
Let’s focus on a press kit for a news conference to announce an event, award or partnership.

So, you have scheduled a press conference, slated the speakers and invited the media. Now you need to prepare a press kit to share with the attendees. The kit should include the following, but is not limited to:

  • Press release – This fully explains the announcement you are making
  • Fact sheets – A simple list of bulleted facts about your announcement, the organizations and people involved
  • Speaker biographies – Inform your audience who the speakers are and what relevance they have to the announcement
  • Speaker quotes – Include key quotes from anybody that has spoken at the news conference. These should correlate with the biographies
  • Photographs – Headshots of speakers are images related to the announcement
  • Additional advertising material when applicable – Include any brochures, flyers or one-pagers that have already been produced to promote your announcement

The kit components should be printed and assembled together in a branded folder or large envelope of some sort. If budget allows, also include electronic copies on a portable USB flash drive to allow media to download the materials as necessary. This will be especially helpful for the photos. Some media may choose to only accept the flash drives.

Press kits are a vital asset to public relations professionals. They provide the exact details and messaging you wish to share with the media. They are helpful for the media because they have all the correct facts in an easily accessible format, which makes their job easier. When a press kit is assembled correctly, both parties win.

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