Looking Back Could be the Greatest Direction for Your Future

Posted by Robert Headrick on December 23, 2015


As we’re rapidly approaching the end of another year, many of us are taking a moment to reflect on how the year has gone. We’re also contemplating how we want the next year to go.

I’m right there along with you, and I’ve decided one of the biggest highlights of my year was getting the chance to attend the first BlendFest conference in Vancouver. Among the many great speakers who shared their wisdom and encouragement were Jay Grandin and Leah Nelson. They’re co-founders of Giant Ant, which is one of the most well-respected and admired motion design studios in the country.

Jay and Leah’s presentation was titled “Would our moms be proud?” They talked about the importance of taking time to look back on your career, the work you’re doing, and the way you’re doing it. It was the perfect topic to inspire anyone into planning a more significant future. They challenged each of us to reflect on whether we’re living our lives the way we should be.

With Giant Ant, they’ve taken a pretty different approach to running a design studio than you’d typically find with successful agencies. They only work on projects they personally believe in and feel passionate about. While they aren’t as prolific as other agencies, the end result is work that's exceptional, challenges the industry standard, and makes their team feel extremely proud. The choice to make less money, but to be more intentional about the work they produce, was one they made in response to asking themselves the question, “Would our moms be proud?”

It’s a powerful question, and one that each of us should ask. As I take time to reflect, I hope you’ll join me in thinking about how your year has gone and what the New Year should bring. Think about your career and how the work you are doing aligns with your strengths, passions, and desires for the future. Then try your best to work and live in a way that’s meaningful and makes not only your parents, but also yourself incredibly proud.


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