Little Boy, Big Dreams: Mitchell Helps One Pawsitively Ambitious Client Become Tomorrow’s Social Media Star

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on August 8, 2017

Social media influencers are becoming a critical component of marketing strategies in industries across the board. As the strength of influencer marketing grows, brands realize it’s about more than finding influencers with the largest number of followers. The true power of influencers is not measured by their follower count, but in their ability to influence people through authentic content. Influencer marketing platform MuseFind shows that 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement. But that trust doesn’t happen overnight. Influencers incrementally gain the trust of strangers every day. 

How does it happen? What does it take to be an influencer?

Recently, Mitchell was approached by a budding influencer looking to leverage a spark of organic social media fame, develop a platform, and expand his influence.


Greetings Humans of Mitchell,

I need your help! Let me introduce myself. I’m Little Boy– but my furrriends call me LB. I’ve always been a little… bigger than my best pal Chum, but my Mom says there’s just more of me to love and I’m comfortable in my own fur.

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Two years ago, I was featured in Buzzfeed and the attention got me thinking. What if I could share my story? What if I could use my popularity to shine a light on body pawsitivity and other issues that are important to me? I’m looking for help with storytelling and social media strategy and how to grow my following. In other words, I want my social handles to grow like my love handles.

Where do I start?

Love, Little Boy


Little Boy, we’re here for ya. As outlined in a recent article by Mitchell President Sarah Clark, we recommend anyone looking to become an influencer in his industry or area of expertise start with these four tips. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it.


  1. Develop a personal brand.

As your agency, it is important that we fully understand your brand and cultivate the best ways to promote your brand to your audience. Your brand is the foundation on which everything else  will build. It translates into how your audience will see you.

→ Little Boy’s Proposed Branding Statement:

Little Boy is a sweet diva and a gentle prince who stands up against all body shaming and breed discrimination. He proudly supports the #AdoptDontShop movement and wants to encourage his audience to #LoveEveryFurBody.


  1. Start creating content.

If you want to build a social media audience you must have an intentional and consistent presence on social media. Sometimes that means walking the fine (fe)line between too much content and not enough. You need a strategy! How often will you publish on your purrferred channel, Instagram? What topics are important to you? Are there partnerships you’d like to pursue?

→ Little Boy’s Content Plan:

LB lives a fabulous life but not every day is Insta-worthy. Some days he wants to binge-watch Animal Planet and have a treat yo-self day. Having a content plan will help LB and his stage Mom (owner) keep the content flowing and his audience purring! Below are topics/ideas we recommend for LB. Organizing these ideas into a monthly content calendar will help keep everyone on his team organized and ensure that all of LB’s posts holistically tell a bigger brand story.

    • Self Care: How over- or under-grooming can ruin your aesthetic  
    • Jade is my Dream Stone: Accessorizing to match eye color
    • Paws down, whiskers up: Best poses to enhance body shape
    • Curbing the Cravings: Tips for when you see your reflection in the bottom of the food bowl
    • Best kept nap secrets so you can get your beauty rest 22 hours a night
    • They think THEY’RE in charge: How to get what you want from the humans
    • Doing your business in a box: Tips and tricks for staying fresh and hygienic.
    • I whip my tail back and forth: What tale is my tail telling?
    • Be your own spirit animal: Finding peace and purpose in your skin
  • BRAND COLLABORATION RECOMMENDATIONS (Note: We want LB to be authentic in everything he posts about. He is the real deal! It is imperative each brand he works with is thoroughly vetted. LB doesn’t want to be a sell-out who misleads his fans. It is important to LB that all partnerships are with animal-cruelty free companies, support his platform of a positive body image and of course are feline friendly.)
    • Health-Conscious Pet Food Brand. LB loves his body but encourages all cats to eat healthy and all owners to be aware of what is in the food they are feeding their loved ones. LB will only endorse the finest for his feline friends!
    • Local Animal Shelter. LB owes his shelter everything! They kept him off the streets. He will help them promote events and bring awareness to the great work they are doing. Pro bono of course!
    • Couture Collar Designer: a company that designs couture collars for all sizes and species of pets. A company that empowers everyone to be confident in their own fur.
    • Free adoption day at LB’s local shelter.
    • Grand openings of local cat-friendly bars, yoga studios, and restaurants.
    • National Cat Day celebrations hosted by other feline influencers.
    • CFA International Cat Show. Making connections with cats from around the world and benefiting cat adoption.
    • Tag, Tag, Tag! (And no, we are not talking about Little Boy’s collar charms.)
      • Give love to get love. A partnership with another influencer or brand could be the result of a post and tag. When LB’s stage mom takes him to her favorite local coffee shop and LB instagrams his CAT-uccino – he could give a shout out and tag their favorite brewistas and this could instantly result in a repost, double tap, and some new followers!

 Artboard 8.jpg

  1. Join forces with other influencers.

Animal-to-animal connections are great and in some cases ideal but the world is big and schedules are chaotic. That makes social media relationships even more important.

→ Little Boy’s Influencer Networking Strategy:


  1. Be distinct.

Identify what makes you stand out. For influencers like you, Little Boy, that can be your platform or background or unique lifestyle. Remember, don’t be a typical cat -- be a cool cat. 

→ Little Boy’s Story:

LB is a curvy, full-bodied cat, adopted from his local animal shelter. He wants to make sure his message is universally uplifting and promotes body pawsitivity for humans and ALL ANIMALS!


We wish you luck, Little Boy. With a unique platform and the willingness to implement (and stick to) a smart strategy, we know we’ll be seing you on Ellen in no time!


♥♥♥ If you want to support Little Boy and his #LoveEveryFurBody Platform, visit him on Instagram at @LittleBoyBigDreams ♥♥♥

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