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Posted by admin on September 17, 2015


This agency thrives at the hands of many creative individuals. That’s why when it comes to inspiring and encouraging young imaginative minds, Mitchell is 100% on board. We saw an opportunity to foster new talent in conjunction with the 2015 Bentonville Film Festival, and as a result hosted the first Young Filmmakers Short Pitch Competition. More than 70 filmmakers, ages 21 and under, competed in the event that was designed specifically with visual storytelling in mind.

Sheryl Cambronero and Berenice Osorio were selected as the winners of the competition with their pitch for “Los Flores de Spandra.” Both girls attend the University of the Ozarks, where they are pursing degrees in Film Studies.



Their winnings are valued at more than $3,000 and include a day of consultation on-site at Mitchell. Monday, August 24th was that day.

Starting with a tour of the Fayetteville office, the girls said they were impressed with the way that everyone seemed to be so comfortable and to be enjoying what they were doing, even though they were at work. The pair were particularly inspired by the creative department’s space and how everything from the white board walls, showcased work and decorations served to create a vibe that makes the environment motivating and fun.

Through a series of personalized workshops the pair discussed every phase of their film project with specific insights and advice from Mitchell. The girls found it refreshing and reassuring that, more than once, what they heard mirrored what they were learning in school. But perhaps more importantly, they expressed that experience broadened their idea for what their project could be.


Currently, the girls are still in the pre-production phase, but will soon begin filming “Los Flores de Spandra.” Their goal is have the film completed by mid November and to host the premiere on the University of the Ozarks campus. They said that there has been an outpouring of support from their professors, classmates, friends, family and the University. “And now, with Mitchell, we have the support of a big company. It’s all very exciting.” Said Sheryl.

The girls spoke about how the most impactful aspect of the day was seeing how a simple idea can be made into something “real” when you take it seriously and commit to your vision. They saw a parallel between their school projects and the work that Mitchell does, saying that everything starts with a goal in mind and can develop into something spectacular with the right mindset.


We are thrilled the girls found the day so inspiring. We’re excited to see how their project develops and how Mitchell can continue to support them along the journey.


We’re proud of Sheryl and Berenice, and look forward to the bright future and big things these talented young women have in store.



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