The Secret Behind All Great Brands

Posted by KimCooper on April 24, 2014

Great brands do more than sell a product or deliver a service. They create memorable experiences, inspire us to make a change or motivate us to live a certain way. It’s these sustainable brands that stand out from the competition and offer something more than the company down the street with a similar product.

great brands

This encouraging mindset often is expressed in a company’s mission statement or tagline, but it’s the employees who bring the vision to life and communicate it to customers through their actions. In order to be successful, brands must develop a culture that creates believers out of its best ambassadors – the employees – and empowers them to tell the story of their brand

An example of a brand that consistently delivers on its mission through its employees is Chick-fil-A. The customer service at this fast-food restaurant is extraordinary,but how do they do it? What makes it different? Simply put, Chick-fil-A empowers employees to not just sell chicken sandwiches but interact with customers to create a remarkable experience. Take a look at the video Chick-fil-A shows to new hires.

So, the big secret? The employees who become brand ambassadors for the company’s mission and purpose. Below are a few tips that companies should keep in mind as they work to transform employees into their secret weapon:

  • Humanize your company. Your company should be authentic and genuine with everything it does. Customers want to know that you value them, not just their wallet.
  • Take the time to properly train employees. This goes beyond training them on their day-to-day responsibilities. Companies must take the time to educate employees on the past and future of the company and what makes it different.
  • Encourage employees to interact with customers and not just focus on the product or service. Competition is everywhere. In the Chick-fil-A video, they encourage employees to build relationships to keep people coming back because they realize that the reality is that customers have many options if they want a chicken sandwich. It’s those differentiators that set Chick-fil-A apart from the rest. What is your company doing to set itself apart from competition?

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