8 Tips for Giving the Best #BFFShortPitch

Posted by KateAndersen on May 5, 2015

Short Pitch Tips

Do you have what it takes to get an idea from script to screen? Starting today, Mitchell Communications Group is looking for imaginative young filmmakers 21 and under to pitch a short film concept. It’s all part of the inaugural Bentonville Film Festival happening this week.

The winner will receive a prize package valued at more than $3,000, which includes a $500 cash prize, senior level consultation for development of a short film, one day of training or production assistance from the Mitchell Creative practice’s video production team and a 2016 All Access Pass to the Bentonville Film Festival. This could be a big deal for a young filmmaker, so we want to help as much as possible.

If you’re entering the #BFFShortPitch competition, you only have 30-seconds to wow the judges. So you want to go in with a plan. Here’s a list of eight things to consider before starting your pitch:

  1. Be creative. Think of an original story. Develop fresh characters and put them in interesting situations, or put your own twist on a classic tale. The goal is to be original, and we want to be inspired by your thinking.
  1. Keep it short. You don’t have to tell your whole story. Stick to the most important facts, like the plot, compelling characters, story arc and ending. Even if you have a surprise ending, go ahead and tell us. We need to know where you’re ultimately taking us.
  1. Stand out. While telling your story, remember to include things that will set it apart from other films. How is your idea unique?
  1. Create an experience. Comedy pitches should be funny and thriller pitches should have moments of suspense. Help us imagine what your film would feel and look like.
  1. Make it urgent. Tell us why your film is relevant and why the story needs to be told now.
  1. Share your passion. It’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve. Show us you’re passionate about your project, so we can be excited for you and your idea.
  1. Practice. With only 30 seconds to shine, it will be important to practice and time out your pitch. Pitch to your friends, your teachers, your family, or anyone who will listen. Practice might not make it perfect, but it will make you professional.
  1. Ask for the prize. Once you’ve pitched your idea, it never hurts to tell us why you want to win. What would winning mean for you?

Mitchell Communications Group is proud to support the Bentonville Film Festival's mission of championing women and diversity in film as an official sponsor. Drop by the Mitchell Lightbulb Lounge located between 21C Hotel and Compton Gardens in downtown Bentonville to enter the Young Filmmakers Short Pitch Competition.

Good luck to everyone entering the competition. Remember, the official hashtag for the Young Filmmakers Short Pitch Competition is #BFFShortPitch. For questions, email BFFShortPitch@mitchcommgroup.com. Official rules can be found here.

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