What’s In Your App Arsenal This Outdoor Concert Season?

Posted by JeffMores on April 11, 2014

Concert AppsFrom birthday parties and sporting events to an overnight campout or trip to an unfamiliar city, there really is an app – or, in most cases, a whole list of apps – designed to take your experience to the next level. So, with Coachella, one of the largest annual music festivals in the U.S., kicking off in California this weekend, I got to thinking. What are the best apps to have as you hit the concert trail this summer? What if you want to create and edit your own video on the spot? And is there an app to help you remain properly hydrated under the soon-to-be sweltering heat?

Turns out, there are quite a few impressive hydration apps. In fact, there are so many “best of” app lists out there for concert goers that you could load a new arsenal on your phone before each and every show. I spent some time reading and experimenting and this was one of my favorite lists. And I’m quickly becoming a fan of Vyclone, which allows a group of friends to compile and stitch footage from multiple phones into one finished product. The fun never ends.

What’s your go-to app when attending a concert? Why does it rank high on your list? Tell us in the comments below or tweet your responses using the hashtag #mcgblog.

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