What Would You Do to Enhance the Shopping Experience?

Posted by JeffMores on June 3, 2014

It’s certainly an interesting time in retail. The next generation of consumers, Millennials, are causing retailers to rethink the way they’ve always done things. It’s about customization, increased transparency, tech, two-way conversations with brands and more. But it’s not just about millennials. Baby Boomers still account for a significant slice of the retail pie and Gen X’ers have a big seat at the table.


Regardless of generation, consumers have ideas and opinions. So if given the opportunity to do one thing to enhance your shopping experience, what would it be? Would it be tech driven – a great new app to boost entertainment and convenience? Or is a focus on the basics what really matters most? I decided to grab a notebook, pen and camera (actually, my iPhone) and ask a number of folks on the street. This is a sampling of what they had to say:


If you could do one thing to enhance the shopping experience, what would it be?

Randall, 31 Randall, 31

“Utilize local companies. It matters to me that a store builds relationships locally. And I think it matters to a growing number of people.”


rachel3 Rachel, 37

“I think a lot of places fail to realize that jumping on a customer right when they enter the store isn’t customer service. Curate the experience and let me explore a little. I don’t want to be followed around.”


Jacob, 25 Jacob, 25

“Increase transparency. When I buy things, I tend to turn them around on the shelf and read the label. I want to know the products I buy have been created responsibly.”


Mark, 57 Mark, 57

“Stop moving stuff around. Whether I’m in a store or shopping online, I want to get in, get what I’m looking for and get out. My time is what’s valuable to me.”


Kristen, 31 Kristen, 31

“Believe it or not, put some thought into the music playing. It bothers me when the music doesn’t match the vibe of the store.”


There were several others, like Rachel, who were quick to point out they don’t associate customer service with an employee hopping to their side the second they walk through the door. It’s obvious consumers are taking a closer look at how and where the products they buy are made. Honestly, there weren’t as many tech-driven responses as I’d anticipated but, then again, this is just a small sampling … so I’m interested in what you would say.

If you could do one thing to enhance the shopping experience, what would it be? Is your idea technology related or does it focus on the basics? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet your responses using the hashtag #mcgblog.