Hispanic Population, Digital Brand Marketing Belong in Same Sentence

Posted by JeffMores on August 6, 2014


It should come as no surprise the Hispanic population in the U.S. is experiencing unprecedented growth. Hispanics are expected to account for well over a quarter of the country’s population by 2050, and it won’t be long before the demographic passes $2 trillion in buying power.

But there’s another fact that should have your attention: U.S. Hispanics lead in the adoption of digital devices. Yet, many brands still don’t have a marketing strategy for this audience.

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Statistics show more than 40 percent of consumers actively use mobile apps, even while in-store shopping, nearly double what it was just one year ago. Love it or hate it, people have their phones out – everywhere. We eat, sleep and breathe mobile. And a significant contingent of those driving the mobile and digital statistics upward is Hispanic.

Digital age + Hispanic population = opportunity for brands across the U.S. to connect with an underserved demographic with huge buying power. The evidence is there.

“Hispanics are now power users of mobile and online video consumption within the U.S.,” said Brent S. Gambill, Sr. Director, Digital and Social Media, Mitchell Communications Group “In today’s market, it is imperative to have a digital strategy targeting Hispanic consumers. As digital devices continue to change how we shop and live, growing demographics must be reached in significant ways.”

As brands continue their digital marketing transformations, this is an opportunity they can no longer afford to overlook.


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