Embrace wearable tech now – ask questions as we go

Posted by JeffMores on August 11, 2014


2014 was to be the year of wearable tech – and not just because of Google Glass. There are more wearable tech devices on the market, being worn on heads, upper bodies, wrists, legs – even embedded in clothing – than ever before. But for all of the positive excitement and wonder around wearable tech, there are just as many stories and discussions centered on how it’s destined to fail. That it “hasn’t taken off like it was supposed to.”

GoogleGlass skinny pic

No, wearable tech hasn’t become the sequel to the smartphone revolution just yet. But it’s important to remember that the Internet wasn’t exactly an overnight sensation, either.

The idea of wearable tech still confuses quite a few people. They don’t see the practical application to their everyday lives. Others argue the devices are awkward and hesitate to make them a part of their wardrobe. Then, there’s the whole security debate. How do you police something like the Google Glass, where people are essentially recording, accessing and sharing information at any given moment without those around them knowing it?

photo[7]These are certainly all valid concerns, but it’s not going to take a decade to get those details ironed out. In fact, don’t expect it to take five years … or even two. Just as the smartphone revolutionized how we access information and communicate, wearable tech possesses just as much, if not more, potential.

Wearable tech is already being used to provide doctors instant access to critical medical data while examining patients. Several devices have been successful in allowing people to monitor their vital signs, track workouts and other information necessary to leading healthier lifestyles. Wearable tech even has the potential to help law enforcement gather more evidence and other crimes-related information than ever before.

And that’s just scratching the surface. Before long, tech will be enhancing your interaction with everyday items like your fridge, car and office. Imagine for a moment the potential once you combine all of that with perfected voice recognition technology. We’re headed toward smart homes, smart offices, smart factories, smart cities and beyond.

Just as the Internet and social media revolutionized how the world communicates, so to will wearable tech. It’s the next logical step. It’s going to happen – and it should. Rather than dreading it, we need to – quite literally – wrap our arms and heads around it.




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