Five Qualities of a Great Video Producer

Posted by JamesonSheppard on April 21, 2014

Our team knows a little about video production. We have traveled to 28 states and four countries producing content over the past few years. We just recently delivered our 500th completed video project.


It has been exciting to watch the growth of the team these past few years. Now I find myself reflecting – what makes a video producer great at what they do? While creative executions will vary dramatically, here are five things that you’ll find consistent between great producers:

  • They begin with the end in mind: Productions don’t just magically come together. They require a lot of forethought. The producers I admire the most start with a clear vision before commencing a project. This can include everything from creative direction to logistics planning and storyboarding – but it is most important to begin with a goal. They always look ahead and work the process backward to achieve it.
  • They don’t just say yes: A great producer will typically challenge normal thought processes and tendencies. While it may be a little unexpected or seem frank, most have a genuine interest in producing the best possible product for their clients. By asking questions and pushing back, they are attempting to better understand what their client is looking for. They love to explore and come up with creative solutions that will both meet the objectives and satisfy the team involved as a job well done.
  • They are busy: If a video producer is busy with work that is a good sign. If they can’t get back to you immediately, it’s possible they are on set or focusing on editing a project. Good work speaks for itself in this industry, and you want to work with producers who are selling their services. This keeps them up to date on the latest technology and in a healthy rhythm; you can count on them to deliver.
  • They are part of a team: There are many good producers who can hold their own and deliver very strong results, but that mix of talent and reliability can be hard to come by. The truth is that for most of us, that doesn’t always work. Each one of us has limitations and capacities that are hard to overcome. For instance, I consider myself a strong director and editor – but operating a camera is not my biggest strength. Creative ideas are born out of friction and new ways of doing things. Without a team, working in isolation can often yield expected results.
  • They find and tell great stories: Video production has always been about telling stories in compelling ways. It is a shame, then, when so much content is not interesting because the producer lacked the motivation to find the real story and tell it in an emotional way. Each one of us has a story to tell, some of us just need a little help telling it. Any great video you see accomplishes this task, that’s probably the reason it found its way to your eyes in the first place. Each video production should be like a little puzzle that, when solved, becomes a story worth telling.

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