Igniting a Difference

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on March 2, 2016

One of the most powerful ways to motivate a workforce is by enabling them to help others. At Mitchell, our “Ignite” program does just that by giving teams of employees money and time off to do random acts of kindness in our community.

It kicks off each January with a day of giving and lives throughout the year as employees receive time off to volunteer in the communities where we have offices.

Since it began in 2010, we’ve made cash and in-kind donations to help dozens of local nonprofits and individuals in need, ranging from homeless shelters, veterans service programs, elementary schools and organizations working with abused and neglected children and victims of domestic violence.


In 2016, the entire agency focused on supporting organizations that champion women and serve women’s needs as a way to underscore our heritage as a women-owned/led company.


The company broke into teams, gave themselves very entertaining names, and decided where our time and resources would be the most beneficial. After deciding which organizations to support, teams like the Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies, Hawt Pink Flames and the Fairy Godparents set off to make a difference.


We are incredibly proud of the number of nonprofits and worthy causes we were able to support between our Fayetteville, New York and Chicago offices, including: Boys & Girls Club, Loving Choices, Glass Slipper Project, Girls on the Run, Peace at Home Family Shelter, Saving Grace, EOA Children’s House, Dress for Success, God’s Love We Deliver and Brookyln’s Women Shelter.


After spending the afternoon working in kitchens, sorting clothing, changing light bulbs and most importantly, getting to understand the needs of our communities, we came back together as an entire agency to talk about our day. You never know what will resonate with someone during an experience like this, and it is so wonderful to hear the exact ways we as volunteers have been touched.


Ignite has been a powerful program for us and given us a far greater return than we could have imagined: employees develop deeper relationships by sharing the giving experience with each other; they see a greater connection between company values and their own; and they grow as individuals through understanding challenges that are facing their community in a real and immediate way.

Ignite represents our values of trust, service, and commitment. It provides a priceless experience for our employees, and, most importantly, an invaluable opportunity to see how blessed we have been and how important it is that we continue to bless those around us.


We’d like to send an extra special thank you to the following local businesses who made donations to help our efforts go even further.


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