Highs and Lows of iOS10

Posted by Mitchell Communications Group on September 16, 2016

It's HERE. iOS 10. As with nearly anything released by Apple, there is no shortage of opinions, criticism, or speculation -- and the Mitchell team is no exception!

Some have updated and others haven't, but Ann and Brantly give us their Highs and Lows after the first few days.

Ann, Digital Planner Ann_H_headshot.jpeg


  1. Home button lock: YAY! Now I can pull up things easier in the lock screen without accidentally unlocking my phone. And if I get annoyed I can change it. PERFECT.
  2. No more Stock app: Saves space (though a little) for more photos!
  3. Drawings: This. Is. AWESOME. Now I can REALLY personalize messages to friends. Maybe this could also be the sarcasm font that we desperately need?
  4. Alarm center with black background: My eyes don’t hurt anymore now that I don’t have to be rudely woken up by the former white background.
  5. E-mail threads (Pt. 1): I like the way e-mail threads are laid out. I like that I don’t have to exit out of one to read the next…


  1. Notifications: Too big, blends in, just overall BLAH. I hate that it stays on my screen way too long and the more transparent white is a misstep. Please fix. Thanks.
  2. Additional Message Features: The additional add ons (aside from drawings) are too much. I feel like they’re trying too hard. I’ll keep my gif keyboard app for now.
  3. Music app: QUIT SHOVING APPLE MUSIC DOWN MY THROAT. I don’t feel it’s user friendly. Maybe it’s just getting use to it but I am not a fan of it so far.
  4. Email threads (Pt.2): But I also see this being an issue with a lot of scrolling when the threads gets OOC.
  5. I don’t have a 5th one…yet

Brantly Houston, Account Assistant Brantly_headshot.jpg


  1. New emojis! I'm always game for an addition to my emoji arsenal.
  2. New messages layout—I like that I can see a picture of who I’m texting while I text them.
  3. “Rich” notifications/force touch to interact with notifications on lock screen. It just makes sense.
  4. Raise-to-wake—now I don’t accidentally unlock my iPhone and miss all my notifications because I don’t have to press the home button to wake the screen!
  5. Better siri—I haven't had a chance to really use it yet, but a more intelligent Siri and integration with third-party apps has been a long time coming.


  1. New notifications center—I want all my notifications grouped by app, NOT in reverse chronological order! I’m going to miss notifications like this, I just know it.
  2. The new “My Day” portion of the notifications center—It looks clunky and it reminds me of building blocks. It just takes up too much space on my screen and requires too much scrolling.
  3. How push notifications appear when you’re using another app—its too disruptive.
  4. New music app design -- Everything is too big, and to be honest I'm still fumbling around trying to figure out how to navigate it.
  5. Overall, the new OS feels like it was designed for a toddler. Everything is too big.

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