Social media has changed the way products are marketed, adding a new layer to the traditional methods of moving goods and services from concept to the customer.

The popularity of networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and tools such as smart phones and tablets has exploded in the past decade. These web-based and mobile technologies have allowed PR professionals to turn communication into 24-7, interactive discussions.

Social media marketing pulls customers into the discussion and relies on connectedness to get the message out. And when that message is shared, the rapid word-of-mouth advertising is the best you can get.

Social media marketing is multi-layered, and it works in so many different ways. Here are just a few of the benefits. Social media marketing:

  • Builds an emotional, personal connection
  • Encourages participation
  • Possesses broad generational appeal
  • Provides marketing tracking and feedback
  • Shows openness to new ideas and criticism
  • Creates community and loyal followers
  • Keeps your brand or mission current
  • Allows you to correct misinformation quickly

While much is constantly changing with social media marketing, one thing that remains the same is the importance of research and planning to develop your marketing plan. Also still relevant is evaluation of the effort when complete.

Being a part of the social media explosion is vital for businesses wanting to stay current. We are no longer in an era where one-size media fits all. Those ignoring this trend will find themselves left behind, irrelevant or – worst-case scenario – no longer in business.

How has your company adapted to the social media explosion? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us at #mcgblog.

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