One of the things I learned early on about riding a motorcycle is how to control your bike in a curve. “Looking through the turn” is a fundamental principle of motorcycling that also offers a great business insight. As you approach a turn, you must look where you want to go rather than fixating on potential hazards within the turn itself. The challenge comes in keeping your eyes focused on where you want to end up while using your instincts and experience to make necessary adjustments — all at a moment’s notice.

At Mitchell Communications Group, we’ve been blessed with significant growth in recent years, but we’re continually focused on looking through the turn for clients to help drive their business — and ours — forward in spite of the current environment. What’s working for us? I’ve outlined five top “driving” tips in this article that appears in this month’s issue of PRWeek. Please share what’s working for you.

Your business will get ahead if you look through the turn

I’m an avid motorcyclist. The current business environment feels a lot like some of the roads I’ve traveled, filled with sharp turns and unexpected hazards, but also plenty of promising pavement ahead. The events of the past few years have brought our profession into a new era of doing business. The pressure to perform is high. We’re asked to help business partners in ever-increasing ways – yet often with fewer resources – to anticipate change, enhance reputation, and deliver results that provide greater impact on business goals. continue reading article…  (PDF)

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