Does My Business Need A Microsite?

Posted by Davy Mears on January 17, 2013

Many people have probably heard of a microsite, a smaller version of a full website that is meant to function as a discrete entity within an existing site. A microsite may also be used to complement an offline activity or temporary campaign, like a giveaway or sweepstakes.

A microsite should target a specific demographic, product, service or initiative. Additionally, it should supplement a company's principal website by allowing them to highlight something very specific.

A microsite might be used to:

  • Associate a product line with its style guide
  • Highlight products or services
  • Introduce upcoming conferences or exhibits
  • Generate buzz around a campaign or initiative
  • Target a specific demographic
  • Create finely tuned content for a particular user base
  • Bring attention to contests or major promotions

How does a company know if it needs a microsite? It might begin by asking these questions:

  • Does my company already have a website, and am I looking to develop new content around a specific product or service?
  • Does my website need to appeal to a different user base than it currently attracts?
  • Do I have a product or service that is not being discovered by search engines? A microsite that is laser-focused on a particular topic and has a domain name with pertinent keywords can radically increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance.

Depending on the needs of a company and the purpose they intend for the microsite to serve, it could be a wise investment.

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