Logos We Love Right Now

Posted by Creative Team on February 19, 2015

Ten Logos We Love Right Now

Isn't it a treat when you come across a smart, creative and memorable logo? The creative team at Mitchell Communications certainly thinks so. We love not only designing branding for our clients, but also spotting trends and examples worth sharing. With that, here are a few of our running favorites from the industry.

{1} Sonos


The new Sonos logo is quite inventive. Sonos is an electronics innovator that was launching a game-changing product. Along with the new product, the company wanted to unveil an identity that would help advance the idea of the modern music experience. With that, the designers at Bruce Mau Design reinvented the logo to literally pulse like music as you scroll.

{2} Experticity

Experticity logo

This is a type-driven logo that incorporates a nice standalone icon with the lightning bolt. According to the designing agency, Attik, the logo was created to project a playful, optimistic and handmade spirit, emphasizing that experts at Experticity are simply people who want to help other people get the most out of something.

{3} Tesla

Tesla logo

Tesla is a company that designs, manufacturers and sells high-performance, electric cars and components. It's a brand that exudes simplicity - along with luxury. Pradco Studio honored the brand by designing this timeless logo. The stylish "T" has a strong and protective look. It's a solid and reliable icon for a brand that's thrusting its industry forward.

{4} Motion Theater

Motion Theater logo

This gem was created by a student in Germany, proving that beautiful and intelligent logos can be found in many places. This logo was designed to interact with its surroundings. Animated logos are a current trend, so watch for more of this moving forward. The approach to the Motion Theater logo and the movement of the lines makes a perfect design choice for dancers. It has it all: geometric angles, animation, simplicity, and opportunity for a wide range of uses.

{5} One&One

one and one logo

The one&one logo makes clever use of negative space in a manner that is balanced, subtle, and memorable. It was designed by their in-house team.

{6} Amazeum

Amazeum Chilren's Museum logo

The Amazeum is a museum for children and families coming soon to Northwest Arkansas, so the brand is a local favorite for us. We've been blessed to have a hand in some of the public relations efforts, and we adore the colorful and fun logo designed by Adair Creative.

{7} Samuel U. Rodgers

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center logo

This logo was created by a design firm in Kansas City called Willoughby. We appreciate how the design goes far beyond a single branding element. According to the firm, this is a multicultural brand identity and way-finding system for the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center. It bridges language barriers through a universal symbol system, which is featured on the image on the right. Beautifully executed in our opinion.

{8} Talkmore

Talkmore logo

What a simple, yet effective logo created by a graphic designer out of Birmingham UK. The Talkmore logo uses elements of typography, such as quotation marks, as design elements within the name. It's perfectly suited for a brand of mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. We love the clever way the brand icons are used throughout the campaign. A sample business card is on the right.

{9} Guild of Food Writers

Guild of Food Writers logo

Some logos are so well designed, you almost don't need words to explain the brand name. We'd put this logo for The Guild of Food Writers in this category. It utilizes both the negative and positive space in a brilliant way to tell a story.

{10} Responsive Logos

Responsive logos

Responsive logos are becoming mandatory in today's digital environment. This image from Fast Company Design shows several great examples of top brands that have developed dynamic logos. They have managed to keep the essence of the brand in tact by prioritizing the right design elements as the logo gets smaller.

We hope you've enjoyed the list. Join the conversation and let us know what brands you'd add or what logo trends you've been noticing. Comment below or tweet us @Mitchcommgroup.

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