10 Creative Installations We Love

Posted by Creative Team on April 15, 2015

10 Creative Installations We Love

In an era where the influencer is king, brands are becoming more creative about how to engage with consumers. The following creative installations are some of our favorite examples of brands engaging their consumers in unusual ways. All of these campaigns create memorable experiences that consumers want to talk about and share online.

1. Not Normal

Mini Cooper celebrated the "not normal" relationship Mini fans have with their cars. Billboards on London's Cromwell Road flashed real time personalized messages to Mini drivers, offering a fill-up, a free wash, or even flowers to take home to their significant other. Our Dentsu Aegis Network partners Posterscope worked on this campaign.

2. Subway Pump Battle

Reebok created a subway ad that doubles as an interactive game that rewards exercise with a pair of Reebok shoes. The billboard challenges bystanders to compete against each other. They must reach different points on the ad more quickly than their opponent. This ad does a great job of creating an unexpected and delightful experience.

3. UTEC Potable Water Generator

There are 1.2 million residents of Lima, Peru who lack running water. This billboard, which is located right along the Pan-American Highway, produces 100 liters of water each day from the humidity in the air and a filtration system. It was designed to inspire young Peruvians to study engineering at UTEC, while illustrating how advertising can serve a greater purpose.

4. Tree Concert

This was a temporary installation used to raise awareness of the diminishing stock of trees in Berlin, Germany. Falling chestnuts made the sound of music as they hit different sides of the geometric art installation below the tree. This was for BUND for Environment and Nature Conservation Germany.

5. Coffee Bus Stop

This inventive display serves two purposes: announcing hot sandwiches from Caribou Coffee and keeping people warm as they wait for the bus in winter. Both of which would make anyone happy!

caribou coffee bus stop


6. Uber Safe

Uber set up a self test breathalyzer station after hours at a time with drunk driving accidents triple. People who needed a ride were given a free ride ride with Uber. Uber encouraged safety and made people aware of their ride service.

7. Instant Change

ILHA created an easy way for shoppers to try on their newest jeans with pop-up displays. This is a great way to aid user content development and engage online.

Instant Change

8. Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities

This IBM campaign works because it’s a smart use of advertising to create a benefit for the audience—a bench, a canopy, a ramp, etc—all while reinforcing the campaign of Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities and inviting its audience to submit their own ideas.

9. Nivea Sofa

We love this strong creative piece by Nivea. Not only does it offer a comfortable place to sit, it shows you what Nivea can do for that bum of yours. Half of each sofa was tufted to depict bumpy cellulite, while the other half was smooth to show what happens when you use Nivea’s Good-bye Cellulite lotion.

10. Alice in Wonderland Promo

This installation at a mall in Rome, Italy for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland brilliantly makes use of its environment to surprise by-passers and make them part of the story. Building your campaign for a specific environment can take the experience to the next level.

Alice in Wonderland ceiling

We love how these installations bring inventive thinking to public spaces. They add a little something unexpected and provide an experience to their target audience. These are memorable moments and shareable images: great ways to get positive attention for your brand.

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