Strategy Unites Communications and Training Disciplines

Posted by Blake on January 5, 2009

BlakeWe are ringing in the New Year and celebrating a marriage of sorts at Mitchell Communications Group. Elise and I started a training company in 2001, and as of the end of 2008, that company, Executive Communications Consultants, was sold to MCG and officially became a part of the team.

So what’s the connection between communications strategists and trainers, and why did we take the leap? First, although we were two separate companies, we were working with many of the same clients. By coming together, we can collaborate more efficiently and effectively to better serve the common needs of these organizations.

ProFound-logoUnder one umbrella, the training division will now also be able to grow its product offerings and training staff. Already since last fall, we have more than doubled our training and facilitation services and organized them by tracks into a newly branded training series called ProFound

But perhaps the most important catalyst for the union was that both companies share a strategic approach to identifying and meeting the business needs of our clients. MCG uses a four-step process for designing and executing communications initiatives: research, planning, implementation and evaluation. So does the training division. Here’s a closer look:

  • Research: We study a client’s overall business strategy and goals. We also review their training competencies or help them design competencies appropriate for their unique business needs.
  • Planning: We identify what curriculum should be developed and delivered to help individuals grow and help the company meet its goals.
  • Implementation: We provide highly customized and interactive training experiences for participants. We deliver and facilitate curriculum design that has direct application for the success of participants. After all trainings and experiences, we follow-up with all participants in a variety of methods to reinforce learnings and encourage desired behavior change.
  • Evaluation: Throughout the process, we measure and evaluate the impact our trainings have to effect real change in the individual as well as the organization.

So we enter 2009 as one company with a common commitment to strategy designed to achieve what the mission of Mitchell Communications Group has been all along: We are business counselors with communications expertise focused on helping our clients build relationships, enhance their reputations and achieve their business results. We think that’s a marriage made in heaven.

-post by Blake

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