ProFound Spring Newsletter - Collaborating Effectively

Posted by Blake on May 17, 2011

ProFound Quarterly Newsletter

Spring 2011 Issue: Collaborating Effectively

As humans, we often are able to come up with improved solutions to difficult situations when we are able to talk through a variety of aspects of a problem with a peer. This sort of collaboration allows a person to see a problem from a different perspective and to understand more of the complexities a certain situation may present.

It stands, then, that individuals in the workplace who are allowed and encouraged to seek input from varying colleagues will produce more creative and solid solutions to problems than a single individual. Building upon each other’s ideas and sifting through promising and weak solutions will provide not only a greater quantity of options, but also a greater quality.

Collaboration in the workplace is often overlooked as unnecessary or as added work, but in reality, it can be a fruitful and worthwhile endeavor.

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Read on to see how we view collaboration, some tips to encouraging it and to see what is From the Leader’s Bookshelf by our featured executive, Matt Crafton, president and CEO of Crafton Tull.

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