8 Characteristics of a Strategic Thinker

Posted by Blake on July 12, 2012

At Mitchell, we like to use the phrase “looking through the turn,” a motorcycling principle that is a great analogy for business and life, teaching you to focus on where you want to end up rather than the hazards and obstacles in your way. This is the definition of a strategic thinker: successful businesses and communicators who are able to assess and create opportunities for the future and implement actions that support business goals.

How can you tell if you are a strategic thinker? Compare these eight characteristics and their opposite to determine your strategic thinking style.



Think back to a recent decision you made for the future of your business. Did you do what has worked well in the past, or did you step outside the box in a play for even greater success? Let us know when tried and true works for you, or when looking through the turn has brought you greater rewards. Post in the comments below, or tweet using the hashtag #MCGblog.

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