Every employer wants a workforce that’s on fire – filled with people who are passionate about the business and focused on achieving company goals. In the day-to-day demands of work and life, however, employees can lose their enthusiasm for the cause.

As companies deal with the challenges of an increasingly complex and constantly changing world, we must continue to find ways to build a compelling culture. Sometimes it’s the simple things you do that have the greatest impact. Here are a few quick-and-easy ways to bring your culture to life and motivate employees to accomplish extraordinary things:

  • Share personal examples: When talking with employees, find one thing about the company’s culture you personally appreciate and share with them how it motivates and inspires you. Encourage others to share what they value about the culture, too.
  • Host small-group lunches: Employees want direct access to you and a chance to hear what you’re thinking. Hold monthly small group lunches with employees from various teams to let them ask questions, talk about the business and share ideas. This also helps build camaraderie across the workplace.
  • Make values-based decisions: Whenever possible, share how you make decisions and why. Tie these decisions to company values so it’s clear they’re not just words on paper but powerful concepts that drive the business.
  • Appreciate contributions: Take the time to stop and tell an employee what you value in him/her. These conversations help them realize the importance of their work and the impact they’re having on the business. Authentic engagement like this also goes a long way toward earning the loyalty of employees and enhancing their appreciation of a culture that celebrates the contributions of everyone.
  • Support teamwork: While it’s important to connect with employees individually and in small groups, you must also emphasize the value of teamwork, especially among leaders. Tie bonus programs to “one for all and all for one” business goals, not just department wins. Encourage cross-team collaboration and communication at all levels so information and ideas flow seamlessly and efficiencies are realized. Celebrate team wins and illustrate how exponential results are created when talented teams work together.

Let’s talk about how you ignite your workforce! Tell us some of your challenges and successes in building a compelling culture. You may also tweet us your thoughts on Twitter through #MCGblog.

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